Canada’s Apartment for Foreign Affairs – using your tax dollars to look out for you

Yeah, right!

If you’re a Canadian citizen abroad and the bombs start raining down on your head, you’d damn well better pray it’s not the Israeli Air Force that’s dropping ’em.

That’s because  — as we found out in Lebanon in the summer of 2006 — as far as the Stephen Harper neocon regime is concerned, the life of one single Israeli storm trooper is worth more than the lives of 10, 100 or a even 1,000 taxpaying Canadian citizens, let alone the poor bastards who actually have to live in Lebanon or Gaza.

This is especially true if the Canadians in question have foreign-sounding names. Gotta love those Tories, if there’s a way they can appeal to Canadians’ basest instincts, they’ll try to find it.

Yup, if you’re in Lebanon, the West Bank or Gaza — or for that matter in Egypt or Syria — you can count on the Canadian government not to give a flying fuck at a rolling bagel if Israeli bombs start raining down on you. Doesn’t matter if you’re visiting relatives, doing business, taking in the scene or even if you’re a Canadian serviceman trying to keep the peace. About the only reason they’ll take any interest in your troubles is if they can use it to gin up a bogus terrorism case against whomever you’re visiting.

So right now we’ve got 39 Canadians begging to escape the catastrophe in Gaza while the Israeli Terr’ Force flattens the place because its citizens had the temerity to elect the wrong government in an election that was freer than the one that gave the world George W. Bush? Well, too freakin’ bad for them!

About the only thing that could save them now is if one of them turned out to be named Chris MacKay and was a blond-haired, blue-eyed Mormon missionary from Taber, Alberta.

Failing that, the Government of Canada has other priorities! They’re using the tragedy as an excuse to blame it all on Hamas, the legitimately elected – whoops! terrorist, I mean – government of the besieged, starved, bombed and brutalized concentration camp in which our countrymen are trapped. That pretty much sums up what Peter Kent, television’s sometime “Scud Spud” and the Herpesistas’ pipsqueak junior Minister Responsible for Israeli Talking Points had to say about their plight.

Canada won’t do anything to help its beleaguered citizens trapped in the killing zone unless Hamas lies down and surrenders to Israeli hegemony, Studley said in pretty much those words. “The burden of responsibility lies now with Hamas,” he actually stated.

One would have thought some of the burden of responsibility for Canadian citizens trapped in a war zone abroad would lie with the Apartment for Foreign Affairs, but apparently not when the enfilading fire is from Israeli guns.

Canada won’t even support a temporary ceasefire long enough to help the 39 Canadians escape – not if it interferes with the complete destruction of Gazan infrastructure, including the United Nations school full of refugees, and the murder of Hamas’s elected leadership.

In other words, the lives of actual Canadian citizens stand second in the eyes of the Harper government to Israel’s genocidal war aims – starvation, ethnic cleansing, collective punishment and all.

No,  that’s not really fair. When it comes to Israel’s interests, Canadians are nowhere near second-place with Harper’s odiferous crew. We’re quite some way farther back in the queue.


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