Tooralooralai! Find the latest Tooryalai Wesa news update here

Whatever became of Tooryalai Wesa, the former resident of the thriving Vancouver suburb of Coquitlam and one-time lecturer in agriculture at the University of British Columbia, who a year or so ago became the governor of Kandahar province?

Intrepid Afghan-Canadian Tooryalai Wesa, shown clutching some of his stuff, shakes off attack by perfidious Taliban insurgents.

We confess we haven’t thought much about the distinguished Prof. Wesa since we last blogged on this topic in December 2008, which was pretty much the last time we could bother to bestir ourselves to file a post on any topic. Prof. Wesa, as alert readers would recall if this blog had any, was called personally by his boyhood pal President Hamid Karzai to give up his life of academic ease in Canada and take up the cause of serving the Islamic Republic. How best to do this? Why, by rooting out those Islamic warriors insufficiently committed to abetting the Karzai family’s efforts to feather its own pockets. This is an urgent project, of course, in light of the still-unlikely possibility the Canadian army may actually return home as promised next year.

Readers will recall that Prof. Wesa is by sheer coincidence the cousin of the late Zahir Shah, the King of All The Afghans, kicked off his wobbly throne in 1973 by Mohammed Daoud Khan, another member of Prof. Wesa’s extended fambly. Alas, all these fine men have now passed from the Afghan political scene. All but Prof. Wesa, Mr. Karzai and their cousins in the family torture department, of course. (Diplomatic cables passim.)

Yet, despite this long silence, somehow the muse prompted us check this evening how Prof. Wesa is faring and, lo, to our utter astonishment we learned that someone only the day before yesterday tried to blow the learned Afghan-Cananian to smithereens!

This astounding news was found in something called B.C. Local news – which is no doubt published in the lovely Lower Mainland community of Bangalore – which reported, “on Friday Wesa was in a convoy that was heading through the centre of Kandahar to a mosque when it was targeted by a roadside bomb.” More mind-boggling still, it seems that this is the second time benighted Afghan farmers – pardon me, evil Taliban insurgents – have attempted such a perfidious deed. In April, they attacked the gubernatorial palace but were, praise be, stopped by members of the Princess Nabeela’s Afghan Light Infantry (PNALI).

As we said when we last broached this topic, it continues to be hoped profoundly that Prof. Wesa does not meet a harsh fate in his ancestral home in the Hindu Kush, but that he can some day return to his beloved Coquitlam and his students (in Pashto, remember, “taliban”) at UBC.

Elsewhere in Kandahar, the Globe and Mail reports, coalition troops, whoever they may be, “detained several militants in three separate operations.” None of them will be handed over to the Afghans for torture. Peter Mackay is a Great Canadian ™.


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